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Paintings and poetry in solidarity with a metamorphosising world in a fluctuating, undulating universe.
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Scharlachglut button box, ribbon, you Salix matsudana tortuosa

child looking in the mirror. A child and a dog looking out the door after the rain. my dog Maisy in the doorway, the washing on the line against the evening sky washing on the line, with rose leaves, against the evening sky.

black and white image of bearded man with a porcelain face resting over his eye. Baby with a pencil, her eyes closed, and a small alabaster dome falling off her head. A lovely man with a hat holding a puppy and laughing very happily. sculpture of baby in portico of St Martin in the Fields church. climate change demo, Trafalgar Square, November 2006

blurred rainbow across the valley on a dark November afternoon. view across the valley from the back door on a cloudy evening, woodland and soft hills. young man and his dog by a standing stone with a lawnmower and mountains behind. figure walking towards the church with a mysterious light. a train at the platform and a man with arms thrown wide open in welcome under a summer sky.