Sewing Slowly for Cynthia
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I wanted to give Cynthia McKinney a present from all of us because she stands up to men such as Donald Rumsfeld with such beautiful clarity and tenacity.

I took the little figure of the woman made of cloth
who had been to that 911 meeting where the publisher recounted old tales of complicity and strategic deceit dating back centuries
and rifts became chasms between sighs somewhere I missed.

I passed her to my left and she went around the table. Sometimes a smile.

I thought she would do, sewn thinking of Shaden Abu Hijleh, a Nablus needlewoman and peace activist, shot dead by an Israeli soldier as she sat embroidering in her porch one evening;
her needle and thread silenced.

I would encase this token in lace for Cynthia.

But it wasn't done after three days sewing between dreams and dares

And there I was standing with the fabric in my hands, "I've been making this for you, but it isn't quite finished."


"Who says it has to be finished?" said she accepting it with such alacrity that I didn't doubt her pleasure while I told her it was a gift on behalf of us all, the British Truth movement, although some say we don't exist -

Then that thing happened with the cough sweet.

John Judge was Researcher into 9/11 for Cynthia McKinney during her time as a Congresswoman, and he may be seen in the Italian film Zero.

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