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Thought Frames - stimulating the unconscious mind through tangible abstract metaphors.
Sensing unconscious possibilities in soft focus with tactile, abstract objects; and unreining peripheral mental vision.

"The mathematician, Hadamard,
who became interested in the psychology of mathematical thought,
emphatically states that any attempt at visualising the way ahead clearly only leads astray;
the decision must be left to the unconscious."
The Hidden Order of Art by Anton Ehrenzweig, University of California Press, 1967.

Moulded leather sculptures like small landscapes you can run your hands over. Nebulous, veiled, unknown.. new ideas rise from the mists. an orange and yellow figure made of wire and felt lying in a leather landscape. pen and ink drawing
crystals suspended, wire-wrapped,  rising out of a box. Hooped beads on a curved brass rod over a leather landscape. An orange figure reclining on a pile of decorative bean bags. A leather landscape, lifted and twisted round upwards, treelike, painted and polished.
twists of leather are heaped upon a pile of bean bags. A transparent blue archway suspended in the air with sunlight shining through it. Justaposition of texture and blues, handmade felt objects and a polished leather landscape. Hollow humbugs made of fused organza, grouped in front of felt wire figures.

Ernest Rossi: The Psychobiology of Mind-body Healing "The basic idea of the psycho-biology of mind-body healing is that information is the central concept and connecting link between all the sciences, humanities and clinical arts. Psychology, biology and physics now have information as their new common denominator. To really understand how this is possible we need to have a clear appreciation of the fact that all forms of organization on the psychological, physical and biological levels actually are expressions of information and its transformations (Stonier, 1990). The atoms in a stone, the genes in every living cell, and the evolving patterns of our personal relationships, families, and governments are all forms of organization in transition and change. The changes we see around us and experiences we sense within can all be understood as the transformations in the organizations of information. The transformations between mind and body are called information transduction.

Transduction refers to the conversion or transformation of matter, energy, and information from one form to another. A windmill transduces wind energy into the mechanical energy of the turning blades. If the mechanical energy of the turning blades is attached to a generator, it is transduced into electrical energy, which can in turn be transduced into light energy by an electric bulb. In the typical clinical application of biofeedback techniques, the biological "energy" of the body's muscle tension can be transduced into the visible "information" of a measuring device that enables the subject to alter his muscle tone. These examples, together with the basic concepts of information, communication and cybernetic theories, have led to a view of all biological life as a system of information transduction."

Ernest Rossi, The Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing: New Concepts of Therapeutic Hypnosis, Norton & Company Inc., New York, London, 1993.
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