"Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity" -Marshal McLuhan

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Life & Times

21st September, 2012.

16th August 2012

9th August 2012

3rd July 2012

The Nuclear Cult - Zealots of the Atom by Karl Grossman at Counterpunch

Nuke Professional Blogspot.co.uk

Radiation Decorporation Resources

Nuked on a bike, England, 2nd June 2012, by Citizen Scientist RadLevelsEngland.

Syria and the Broken Arab Spring - How NATO Eclipsed the Peaceful Protest Movement.
(by Sami Ramadani, Red Pepper, at Stop the War Coalition.)

Paul Warburton talks about the BBC's betrayal of trust at the second State Crimes Against Democracy Conference, London, 17th March 2012.

9/11 Debris: Investigation of Ground Zero (Part 1) - Firefighters Speak Out

Soliman Bouchuiguir, former president of the Libyan League for Human Rights with symbiotic ties to the National Transitional Council, generated the stories that justified NATO's war allegedly to protect the Libyan population. He is currently the new Libyan ambassador to Switzerland.

In-depth analysis: "Lybia: Human rights impostors used to spawn NATO's fraudulent war" by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya Voltairenet.org - Human Rights Imposters Used in Libya.

"We are all suspects alongside Julian Assange and Bradley Manning" says John Pilger.

Remind Me Little Mother was encased in lace and given to Cynthia McKinney on behalf of the British Truth movement, an informal enterprise, during her visit to London in March 2010. This to signify how much her courage and perseverance is appreciated.

"The starting point in science is observation." 911 Blogger Daily News
To most of the world we are the terrorists - They don't hate us because of our freedoms; they hate us because every day we are funding and committing crimes against humanity.
Stop the War Coalition


Oil on canvas, 32" x 26",
© Morag Emmerson 2009.
Paintings painter poet .com

How can it be impossible to speak? How can it be impossible to spill from your mouth those shining moments where the thought that was just trying on new clothes glanced up and understood
that the reflection
was a reflection

Two exhibitions by Irina Hale:
Collateral Damage
Hells, Paradises and Paradoxes

Being is all one, breathing out and breathing in, expiration and inspiration, death and creation, balancing on a breath.