painter poet .com website of Elizabeth Morag Emmerson, artist.
Paintings and poetry in solidarity with a metamorphosising world in a fluctuating, undulating universe.

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Stella Maris Dreamers Twilight

falling off the world in synchronous despair with blue gowned women in an Afghan marketplace dreaming of trees Intuition Running Away Listening a visit to Aldershot one grey spring afternoon. man on the high wire,  and behind his back...

hermit carrying a lantern and a child reading the book of waves domes on lilac and blue Evening Farfalli

thumbnail At Sea, dark blue and green, lone sailor, small ship, lightning in heavy seas. Oil painting of someone with a rainbow arching out of a grey sky. woman dancing out of hill by the sea, at Coonana, County Kerry, on magic 2-headed horse. path between armies of flowering gorse on a ridge at Dreenagh, Glencar, Kerry, Ireland Oil painting of Dingle Bay. Across the cold green waves your sail fills with the north wind.

Albion White Strand donkey in Glencar Droumbrain the road home

Pregnancy Kuan-Yin Waking taking a dog for a walk on an angel's hand a small bird stands on the extended finger of a cross-legged sage who is pointing at the heavens. sorrowful glass of champagne Death and the Maiden la valse



Florence Sarah Calum Fraser

self-portrait Billy Delores Stalker