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a man and his dog in the rain, in a park haunted by the grief of war.
Aldershot Municipal Gardens, a man with his dog in the spring. It was raining.
Charles Ferrier explains the cctv network and policy laundering of its uses, November 2009.

Sibel Edmonds' Police State Series, at Boiling Frogs Post, across the water.

Annie Machon: "Fascism 2012 - the Ongoing Merger of the Corporate and the State."

I feel like the enemy when gates are locked and closed circuit television cameras peer out above. The sky was glowering with dark grey clouds.

As I waited I took my anger at the cameras by the nose. I stood beneath one and made a small flower, and I stepped inside this and ate it with cherries and cream while it rained heavy drops that thudded on my umbrella.

no-one can hear you scream

Aldershot in spring, cake in the park beneath the closed circuit television cameras, "The piece of cake I dream about is speckled with the stars - and nibbled at with care, with taste, willl last for hours and hours."

© Morag Emmerson 2007. oil on linen canvas, 26" x 32"