Morning Woman Tree - oil on canvas - © Elizabeth Morag Emmerson 2009.
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morning, woman, tree.

Soft Air

to find a moment
that was fresh and clear
like this
walking into July rain sky greyblue soft
all over.

Such perfect air
delights the free nation of my skin
that sings joy
at this touch
this air
this day.

Freedom delights the perfect nation
of my skin.

poem Soft Air © Elizabeth Morag Emmerson, 2006.
March 2009

I take my trusted lessons from the trees, and yet see this obliteration of natural branching, as in the wide expanding horizons of thought and being, right next to Queen Boadicea and Winston Churchill, at the heart of government, where the trading of freedom, justice and truth is pursued by narcissists and other charming, psychopathic bastards.


And there's dear Brian Haw at the geographical heart of so much disaster and hypocrisy, soldiering on through all weathers for seven years now, protesting against the killing of other people's families.

Brian Haw, peace campaigner, born 1949 - died 18 June 2011

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