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9.11 lecture child University College

10th November 2008.

Last Thursday, I went to the Richard Gage lecture at the Engineering Department of University College, London, a rare excursion. After I arrived by train I walked beside the river and crossed a bridge into the city, where I got lost for a while. It was the wrong bridge.

The images below are of forensic evidence of the role of thermite, the explosive, in the disintegration of the Twin Towers and Building Seven.

The dust contained molten iron microspheres, less than a hair's width in size, a byproduct of the explosive thermite. The thermite evidence was found by many United States agencies, including environmental companies and independent physicists. There are also many witnesses to explosions before the planes hit and as the buildings were falling.

Above part of the explanation of the impossibility of the top section of a high rise being able to collapse with free-fall acceleration through the path of greatest resistance, the steel and concrete building beneath it. The speed of the fall could only have happened if the supporting columns were removed ahead of the fall with explosives.

These pictures above relate to the graceful sinking to the ground of the 3rd high rise building that day, which was Building 7 of the World Trade Centre, housing the CIA, the FBI and the Internal Revenue Service and all the records of the investigations into massive Wall Street scandals including Enron and the Federal Reserve Bank's sale of the US gold reserves (fancy, Gordon Brown sold off the British gold reserves too, what a coincidence) This latter matter was not discussed at the lecture, it's just something that makes me think. I've heard that gold is difficult to buy now, although the price has fallen a little. People are asking where it's all gone, as though it might have been taken by dragons to hide in their hoards beneath the mountains.

But I have missed the point as I often do. Building 7 was twice reported to have fallen while it was still standing, and the fall accurately described in advance by CNN at 10.45 in the morning, and by the BBC about 20 minutes before it descended neatly into its own footprint around teatime.

This video is silent.

Thought we might stop the slaughter being done on the back of this atrocity, but now the US President himself has told us that we are not to debate this matter any more. Oh dear. That really makes me feel uncomfortable, knowing the same man is asking us to join him in obliterating the indigenous health of the Hindu Kush, my dead brother's stamping ground (mountain goat).
At any rate, as you see, it is a murderous confusion of monumental proportions, guarded by deceit and bullying, and I for one still see the need for accurate maps and charts to help us to understand what the hell is going on here.

Apart, that is, from a generous distribution of depleted uranium in the ground of the mountains, and the air above them; in the lungs of the soldiers on all sides, and in their precious genes and the precious genes of their descendents that depleted uranium signature will glint its grimy glimmer for evermore, owning the tears of the parents, the tears of generations to come

A broad tick in the box of the the deeds of possession as the lawyers toss their hats in the air and yawn.

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