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I have seen my lovely turn

I have seen my lovely turn to treacle.
I'm telling it to warn all other people
Not to spread their fondest friends on bread,
For all the sugar rushes to the head.

I have seen my lovely turn to sand
And warn you now, when holding your friend's hand
Don't grip too hard or twist his bony wrist,
His most might turn to drizzle in a mist
Because you touched him on the vapourous gland.

And I have seen my lovely turn to wrinkle
Because I tapped his solemn with my twinkle
And shocked his atoms into whirling roads
And crossed his wires and tangled up his nodes.
I'm warning you, so watch your sink or swimkle.

© Morag Emmerson, 1979.
First published in The Times Health Supplement 1980
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