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I want to tell

I want to tell my truth
before I die.

It concerns resonance,
and fluctuations in the nature of matter
that occur
in the radiating consciousness
that emanates from the centre
of every I.

It concerns ripples in viscous matter
and sharing discoveries of meaning
between all our selves
regarding being and this universe.

For we shall
serve our beautiful purposes,
bringing confirmation and proofs.
Shifting all sideways just enough here and there.
Initiating currents and sowing seeds
that there shall be so much
to look forward to.

It is in every little thing and thought
that we each stitch the nature of our times,
and take our place
in all polyphony,
singing our own true song.

© Morag Emmerson January 2007

a dome from above set with soft spheres like treetops on a hill, in lilac and blue

Dome & Spheres, oil on canvas, 28"x 36".
© Morag Emmerson 2005.
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